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2023 Programming Highlights

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Camp Astoria

This summer, students aged seven to seventeen are engaging in place-based education and community service at the site of Astoria’s future riverside 100-acre park. Astoria Park Conservancy has partnered with various community organizations.

The program’s ultimate goal is to inspire students to become future conservationists by providing accessible and engaging learning experiences that allow them to contribute meaningfully to their community.

Camp Astoria

Summer 2023 Program Partners

2021 Programming Highlights

Young children explore in the woods while learning at Astoria Hot Springs.

Coombs Outdoors

Elementary camp groups visited Astoria for a soak as well as a nature walk. Groups engaged in art activities creating interpretive signage for the phase 2 park. This program served 6 groups, and a total of 72 kids.

Middle school camp groups visited Astoria for a soak and an onsite service learning project to identify and help remove invasive species present on Astoria’s property. This program served 3 groups, and a total of 36 kids.

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A group of hikers convene for a photo. Micheli Oliver

Latinx Hikers Event

APC will welcome Latinxhikers for a 20 person soak, engaging the local latinx community and welcoming them to Astoria. As an Access Fund use, this important partnership will draw in Latinx community members as they engage in a facilitated conversation, discussing connections to each other, nature, and community and connection during their soak.

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Young learners explore in the woods.

JH Children's Museum Astoria Playground Program

The Jackson Hole Children’s Museum will center their Workshop Camp around designing their ideal Nature Playground as Astoria. Playground ideas will be presented to Astoria and discussed as a group with the children. The groups will forage for their own natural materials to build replicas of their ideal Nature Playground, including one life-size dream element of the playground.

APC will gift passes to campers and their families as part of our Access Fund, engaging our target community of youth and families.

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Performers play under a Grand Teton Music Festival tent on a grassy lawn.

GTMF On the Road Concert

A simple free afternoon concert, connecting the wellness benefits of hot springs, nature, and art.

A String Quartet made up of Festival musicians hosted by Education Curator Meaghan Heinrich. Meaghan and the quartet looked at different Classical pieces from Tchaikovsky to Mozart and talked with audiences about the emotions they evoke and why.

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Summer 2021 Program Partners


Astoria Park Conservancy

Astoria Park Conservancy's mission is to connect our community through inspiring experiences in nature that improve livability, health, and wellbeing. Astoria is a non-profit, donor funded park, stewarded by Astoria Park Conservancy. Astoria's nearly 100 acres include critical wildlife habitat and wetlands, a commercial public hot springs facility, and, once completed, trails, community gathering places, and much more. Our vision is that time spent at Astoria will foster healthier and happier individuals and a more broadly connected community.

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