Astoria Hot Springs

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The Hot Springs are open!

Visiting Information


While COVID safety procedures are in place, 2.5 hour time slots will be available for reservation. The time slots available for reservation are:

  • 9:00 – 11:30 am
  • 12:00 – 2:30 pm
  • 3:00 – 5:30 pm
  • 6:00 – 8:30 pm


While COVID safety procedures are in place, advance reservations will be required. Make your reservation today!

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While COVID safety procedures are in place, Astoria will only be open to local residents with a valid ID or current paystub for Teton County (WY & ID), Sublette County, WY, & Lincoln County, WY. (No utility bills or other proof of residency will be accepted.)



ADULTS • $14
CHILDREN (2-12) • $10
INFANTS (under 2) • free

*Residents of Teton County (WY & ID), Sublette County, WY, Lincoln County, WY



*Residents of Teton County (WY & ID), Sublette County, WY, Lincoln County, WY


*While COVID safety procedures are in place, Astoria will only be open to local residents with a valid ID or current pay stub.

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Getting Here

Astoria Hot Springs and Park is located just south of Jackson, Wyoming, near Hoback. Located away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Jackson and the national parks, you’ll find our location convenient yet serene.



If you have a group of 20 or more coming to Astoria Hot Springs, please call us in advance at (307)201-5925 to let us know you’re coming. Educational and nonprofit groups of all sizes should contact us for advance ticketing and reduced group prices.

If your group is interested in spending the day at Astoria, whether to celebrate a birthday, reunite with family or simply spend time together, explore our dedicated venues for hosting private events.


Explore the Hot Springs

Leisure Pool

The Leisure Pool is the largest of the five pools here at Astoria. Approximately the same size as the former Astoria pool, the Leisure Pool is designed to allow for families, friends and groups to soak together.

Children’s Pool

Perfect for the little ones, the Children’s Pool is approximately two feet at its deepest point and lower in temperature than the other pools, to accommodate small children.

Meadow Pool

This is one of the three hot soaking pools at Astoria. This pool is great for water therapy. It’s in the same area as the Children’s and Leisure Pools.

River Soaking Pools

The River Soaking Pools area includes the Waterfall Pool and River Pool. This area will be available for private event rental.

The Waterfall Pool provides a quiet and reflective area, with native plants offering a secluded experience for soaking. This pool offers a water source that will hit shoulders and necks to alleviate tension and stress and is named in loving memory of conservationist Luke Lynch.

The River Pool, named in loving memory of Liza Benson, is set right above the Snake River, and will offer expansive views of the river, seclusion from the rest of the pools, and hotter water for adults to soak.

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  • Grab-and-go Snacks

    Snacks, refreshments, and retail items will be available for sale right here at Astoria. Outside food, non-alcoholic beverages, and coolers are permitted; however, no glass is allowed and outside alcohol is prohibited. We will be offering seating areas away from the hot springs, as no food or drink can be within ten (10) feet of the pools.

  • Picnic Areas

    Throughout the park, picnic areas will be available for visitor use. Our phase-one construction includes one picnic area within the hot springs site and a picnic lawn just outside the hot springs site. This Picnic Pavilion will be open first-come, first-served unless reserved ahead of time via our private event page.

  • Playground

    Children will be excited to play on a few select features in the small tot-lot, playground that includes a see-saw as a throwback to the old Astoria! Note: Due to COVID-19, the playground may not be open. A larger, natural playground is in planning stages for the phase-two park.

  • Community Events

    Astoria will be home to many community events. Stay tuned for the launch of our events page to learn more about upcoming community events at the hot springs and park.

  • Private Events

    With five (5) separate venues for groups of different sizes, Astoria provides a wild and scenic setting for private events of all sizes. We welcome community events, weddings, birthday parties, family reunions and any excuse for gathering together. Accepting inquiries for events as early as Fall 2020.

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Covid-19 FAQs

Full COVID-19 Procedures are outlined here. Please review these in detail prior to your visit.

Will COVID-19 affect Astoria's opening?

Our construction team continues to make progress at Astoria, working in a cautious and socially distanced manner. Upon Astoria's opening this fall, Astoria will take every precaution to keep our staff and patrons safe. Check back here often for updated COVID information.

What precautions will Astoria take to make sure locals are safe upon opening?

Astoria will follow all CDC guidelines, state restrictions and local ordinances. A regular disinfecting and cleaning process will be implemented. Staff and patrons are required to social distance and wear face coverings whenever not actively swimming in the pools. Check back often for updated COVID information.

Will Astoria be open to locals and tourists this fall?

Astoria will only be open to local residents with a valid ID or current pay stub. Locals include residents of Teton County (WY & ID), Lincoln County, WY, and Sublette County, WY. Each party member will be asked to present their ID or pay stub at check-in. No utility bills or other proof of residency will be accepted. No refunds will be given for those without approved proof ID.

Are advanced reservations required?

Yes. It's easy to make a reservation online, even when you are booking for a small group of people. You will be prompted during the reservation process to sign your waiver(s) in advance as well. This will help the in person check-in process be more seamless and efficient.

Are walk-in reservations possible?

Walk-in reservations are highly discouraged. Walk-ins will be asked to wait in line behind the patrons that reserved in advance and may be turned away if Astoria is at maximum capacity.

How many patrons will Astoria allow at one time?

70 patrons maximum will be allowed entry during each 2.5 hour time slot. A 30-minute break between groups gives staff time to disinfect the changing rooms, lounge chairs and other public spaces.

How much time is the purchase of a Pool Pass good for?

During COVID-19, a Pool Pass at Astoria is good for a 2.5 hour time slot. The Picnic Pavilion is also available to rent during the same 2.5 hour time slots.

How can you be prepared?

Show up ready to swim! The changing rooms are very limited with a maximum of 4 people at a time. There are no lockers available. We suggest leaving valuables at home or in your car. We plan to rent towels in the future, but we are not at this time. Please bring your own towels.

What can you expect upon arrival?

There will be a line that forms outside the Welcome Center, as a maximum of two (2) parties can enter the building at a time for check-in. Please make sure a waiver has been signed for each person in your party including minors (a part of the online reservation process). Face coverings are required at all times when not actively swimming in the pools.

How can you help keep staff and other patrons safe?

Maintain social distancing (6 feet apart) at all times including when you are in line to check-in, on the pool decks, in the pools, in the Welcome Center, and in the changing rooms. Most importantly! If you do not feel 100% and have a headache, a scratchy throat or feel slightly under the weather, please do not enter Astoria Hot Springs.

Visiting FAQs

Is Astoria Hot Springs open yet?

The hot springs will open this fall upon completion of phase-one which includes the Park's Welcome Center, the five (5) soaking pools, Picnic Pavilion, riverside and park event lawns, and Johnny Counts Cabin. The children’s playground will be closed due to COVID-19. Check back here for opening updates!

Is Astoria Park open?

The larger park is not yet open to the public with the exception of specific events. Planning for restoration, walking trails, and other amenities are in final stages of refinement. These phase-two improvements will be funded through private philanthropy and completed as soon as funding is secured and construction is complete. For more information or to support these efforts, visit our Astoria Park page.

Astoria Park
Will I need to buy my ticket for the hot springs in advance?

During COVID-19, advance reservations are required. Online sales will be available as the opening date nears. 70 patrons maximum will be allowed entry during each 2.5 hour time slot, so please book your visit in advance. Upon opening, Astoria will be open to local residents with a valid ID or current pay stub. Locals include residents of Teton County (WY & ID), Lincoln County, WY, and Sublette County, WY. Each party member will be asked to present their ID or pay stub at check-in. If you are an educational or non-profit group of 20 or more, please let us know of your upcoming visit in advance as well by filling out the group form. Once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, local discounted tickets will be for sale only in person at the Welcome Center.

Group Form
Can I purchase a season pass?

Season passes will not be offered until 2021. During the first few months Astoria is open, only daily entry for locals is available.

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Do I have to buy a pool pass if I'm not going to swim?

Yes. To access the pool area, you must purchase a "Pool Pass" whether you plan to swim or not.

Will I be able to bring my own food and drinks?

Astoria visitors are welcome to bring their own food, coolers and non-alcoholic beverages. We ask that visitors keep food and beverages 10 feet away from pools. Glass containers are not allowed and outside alcohol is prohibited. The Snack Shack will sell beer and seltzers.

Will Astoria sell food and drinks on site?

Yes! Visitors can find snacks and refreshments for sale at the Snack Shack, along with a select inventory of retail items and alcoholic beverages.

Is there an option to refill our own water bottles?

There is a filling station in the Welcome Center, so we encourage you to bring your own water bottles!

Where will I park?

Limited, free parking is available at the hot springs. An overflow parking lot can be used if the hot springs lot is full and found by following signs at the park. Please view the webcam on our website to see how full our parking lot is in real time.

Soaking FAQs

Are Astoria’s Pools fed by natural hot springs?

Yes! Astoria’s pools are all fed by natural hot springs, with individual flows to each pool so that we are able to control temperatures to maintain comfort in each pool.

What natural minerals are in Astoria’s Hot Springs?

Astoria’s mineral water includes magnesium, free sulfur, calcium, potassium, sodium, chloride, and alkalinity. These minerals each have been said to have specific health benefits, including reducing inflammation, soothing skin conditions, increasing oxygen levels in blood and many, many more.

Will the pools be chlorinated?

Astoria’s soaking pools are designed in a flow-through system, which allows our pools to be free of chlorine. The only exception is the Children’s Pool which has small, safe amounts of chlorine added. This pool is on a closed loop, chlorine-filtration system that neutralizes any water being reintroduced into the Snake River. All water that enters the Snake River will be chemical-free.

What should I wear to soak in the hot springs?

A bathing suit is the appropriate attire for a soak in the hot springs. Natural hot springs minerals are not known to damage suits any differently than chlorine or regular wear does. Floating devices for small children will be allowed but regulated. Please check back here for more information about floating devices coming soon.

Can I wear sunscreen in the hot springs?

Showering before entering the pool area is strongly advised and ensures the pools remain clean for our visitors. Once you've entered the facilities, sunscreen should be worn and it can be worn in our pools. During COVID-19, please arrive ready to swim, as the changing rooms will have a very limited capacity.