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Astoria offers mental health awareness programming, May Hooray celebration

Join us in May

For the third consecutive year, Astoria Park Conservancy is gearing up to observe May as Mental Health Awareness Month (MHAM), offering a diverse range of events and programs tailored to support mental well-being.

Established in 2020, Astoria has been dedicated to enhancing lives and has welcomed over 100,000 visitors to its renowned hot springs. Nestled along the riverfront, this sanctuary provides a rejuvenating escape, where individuals can immerse themselves in the unique mineral waters while fostering connections within the community.

Astoria firmly believes in equipping individuals with essential tools to navigate their mental health journey. Similar to a lifesaver ready to be thrown into turbulent waters, these tools include nature immersion, meditation and breathwork techniques taught through our wellness and critical service provider programs. Engaging in community events further enhances emotional well-being, fostering a sense of belonging and support.

Throughout May, Astoria offers discounted tickets for local residents, inviting them to experience the healing properties of the hot springs with $5 weekday soaks, redeemable using the discount code: MHAM2024 when making reservations.

The third annual May Hooray kickoff event on May 5, 2024 features FREE soaks from 10 am to 5 pm. The public is encouraged to attend this community event that also includes wellness booths, complimentary mindfulness for kids and a nutrition and mental health discussion. 

Last year, Astoria welcomed 400 visitors during May Hooray and subsidized 1000 hot spring tickets in the month of May, highlighting its commitment to community well-being.

Specific Programs for Mental Health Awareness Month:

  • • May 2nd: Weekday soaks start – Use discount code MHAM2024 Monday – Friday in May to get a $5 + tax entry ticket when booking online
  • • May 4th: safeTalk Suicide Alertness Training Half Day Workshop + Soak
  • • May 5th: MAY HOORAY Celebration with FREE Hot Springs Soaks from 10 am – 5 pm
  • • May 12th: Yoga Flow and Sound Bath + Soak 
  • • May 18th: Women’s Health Series: Mental Health During the Peri and Post Partum Experience with Emily Bodner + Soak
  • • May 19th: Integrative Breathwork + Soak
  • • May 23rd: Frontline Resilience Hot Springs Takeover Day for Critical Service Providers Only from 6-8 pm
  • • May 31st: Jackson Hole Pride Hot Springs Takeover Day from 6-8 pm

All these events and programs are funded through philanthropic support. Learn more about the events at:

About Astoria’s Wellness Programs:

Astoria’s wellness programs are designed to foster balance and harmony in participants’ lives. What sets them apart is the incorporation of hot springs into many healing modalities, offering additional therapeutic benefits.

Water has a naturally calming effect on both the body and mind. Immersion in water induces a sense of weightlessness, facilitating the release of stress and tension. Astoria’s mineral-rich hot springs, containing magnesium, sulfur and other beneficial minerals, further enhance these therapeutic effects.

Astoria remains dedicated to uplifting the Jackson Hole community through innovative programs. In 2023, a record number of programs catered to a diverse demographic, enhancing accessibility through initiatives like the Access Fund, which provides subsidized pricing and community-building passes.

Critical Services Programs:

Astoria’s Frontline Resilience programs cater specifically to critical service providers in health and human services. Through partnerships with twenty organizations, Astoria offers unique experiences such as a “Feed Your Mental Health” class followed by a hot springs session, which have been highly appreciated by attendees.

In 2023, Astoria provided eight complimentary wellness programs and takeover days for critical service provider organizations, including Teton County Search and Rescue, Jackson Hole Senior Center, Mental Health & Recovery Services of Jackson Hole and others. 

Participants have expressed profound gratitude for the opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate in the serene ambiance of Astoria underscoring the transformative impact of its programs on mental well-being.

“I think Astoria holding free soaks and wellness activities for critical service providers is an incredible outreach and show of appreciation to folks who serve our community. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to relax and enjoy such a unique aspect of our community.”

–JJ from Jackson Hole Ski Patrol (JHSP)

Through its unwavering commitment to holistic wellness and community support, Astoria Park Conservancy continues to be a beacon of hope and healing for individuals across Jackson Hole.