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Bridge the Gap Updates

Updates as of February 6th, 9am:

Astoria Park Conservancy is excited to announce our full reopening with the recent news that the historic red bridge is once again open. We have exciting wellness programs planned for February and daily soaking sessions.  

  • Three soaking sessions per day
    • – 9am-11am
    • – Noon-2pm
    • – 3pm-5pm
  • Open six days a week, closed Thursdays for pool cleaning

Book a soak by visiting

View wellness programs via our event calendar at

Please Note: You will be welcome to use the bridge to access Astoria as long as your vehicle meets the below requirements. Vehicles will only be able to drive across one at a time, so plan a few extra minutes. Requirements:

  • Vehicle weight limit of 10,000 pounds (5 tons)
  • Vehicle height limit of 8’4”

If you would like to visit, but your car doesn’t meet these requirements, please reach out to us at 307-201-5925 or to learn about alternative travel options.


Updates as of January 23rd, 9am:

Visit Astoria in February for “Bridge the Gap” Soaking Events

 Our community continues to blow us away with your ongoing patience, support, and kindness. Our mission at Astoria Park Conservancy is to provide a welcoming refuge for our entire community– and not being able to do that for the past couple weeks has been challenging for us all. Please know that behind the scenes, we have been working to find creative and safe solutions with our partners at the US Forest Service to re-welcome residents back to Astoria. 

Through the end of February, as a temporary solution, we are opening our facility at a limited capacity through our “Bridge the Gap” program. 

“Bridge the Gap” opportunities, available for purchase during select times, will allow us to open our doors to a limited number of visitors while also rallying support from locals during this gap in our normal operations. Please know that a longer term plan is underway to ensure we can return to its full-scale operations as soon as engineering reports are finalized for the Park’s access points.

Reservations are now open. Booking details below:

Private Hot Springs Rentals:

  • – Buy-out the facility for up to 100 guests! Limited to 20 4WD/AWD vehicles.
  • – Cost: $1,500
  • – For availability, and to book today, reach out to or call, 307-216-3075

River Pool Rental:

  • – For up to 20 guests. Limited to five 4WD/AWD vehicles.
  • – Cost: $800
  • – For availability, and to book today, reach out to or call, 307-216-3075

Bridge the Gap Community Event Pass:

  • – Visit Astoria with your crew! 
  • – This exclusive soaking pass includes four hot springs tickets for a two hour soak and one vehicle permit to access Astoria. 
  • – 4WD/AWD vehicles only.
  • – Select available times, see our calendar for current openings
  • – Cost:
    •                $40 per group of two people which includes one vehicle permit.
    •                $60 per group of four people which includes one vehicle permit.
  • – Reservations must be booked in multiples of two people, no exceptions.
  • – Book today by reaching out to or call 307-201-5925.

Special Programming with Medicine Wheel Wellness:

Click here to make reservations. We will contact you with permit information and updated directions. All tickets are $35, limited to 20 people per program.

  • – Sunday, February 5
    • 8:30a-9:00a – Connection & Breathwork Meditation in the hot springs 
    • 9a-11a – soak session 
  • – Tuesday, February 7:
    • 8:30a-9:30a – Yoga Flow 
    • 9:30a-11a – soak session 
  • – Sunday, February 12:
    • 8:30a-9:30a – Medicine Wheel Yoga Flow & Crystal Sound Bath in the cabin 
    • 9:30a-11a – soak session 
  • – Tuesday, February 14:
    • 8:30a-9:30a – Cacao ceremony and hot springs meditation 
    • 9:30a-11a – soak session 
  • – Tuesday, February 21:
    • 8:30a-9:30a -Yoga flow in cabin
    • 9:30a-11a – soak session
  • -Sunday, February 26:
    • 8:30a-9:30a -Yoga flow in cabin
    • 9:30a-11a – soak session



 Keep an eye on our social media for announcements and updates!


We will also be offering 15% discounts on all food and beverage items in our Snack Shack and special Astoria merchandise deals throughout February.

We hope to see you at Astoria this month for one of these special opportunities! Thank you again for your patience as we work towards reaching regular operations in the future. If you have questions, please reach out to

Updates as of December 9th, 9am:

A semi-truck crashed into Astoria’s red bridge on Thursday, December 8th, causing significant damage to the historic bridge and halting any traffic across the bridge to Astoria. There is currently no approved access to Astoria for anyone other than residents of the Snake River Sporting Club. Both Teton County and the U.S. Forest Service-Bridger-Teton National Forest are actively working on a solution, but at this time Astoria Hot Springs will be closed until further notice.

We are working hard to contact and refund all guests that have made a reservation. We will be starting with the most immediate reservations first. When we’re ready to reopen, we will give booking priority to people who had reservations canceled prior to opening reservations to the public

Thank you to our locals, return guests and first time visitors for your patience, understanding and support.

Thank you to our local government agencies and our neighbors at Snake River Sporting Club for all you are doing to manage this situation.