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Riverside Reflections (continued)

MORE reasons why geothermal ecosystems play a crucial role in supporting migration:

  • Food Resources: Geothermal ecosystems can support unique flora and fauna, including thermophilic microorganisms and specialized plant and insect species. These resources provide additional food options for migrating animals, contributing to their energy needs during their journey.
  • Rest and Recovery: Migratory animals often require rest and recovery areas during their journeys. Geothermal ecosystems, with their relatively stable conditions, can serve as important rest stops for migratory species, allowing them to conserve energy for the rest of their migration.
  • Connectivity: Geothermal features can act as corridors or connectors between different habitats. They provide continuous and stable environments that facilitate wildlife movement across landscapes, contributing to the success of migration routes.

Understanding the importance of local geothermal ecosystems for migration is essential for conservation efforts and maintaining the region’s ecological balance.

photo by WyoFile