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What should I bring with me for a soak?

Towel and Bathing Suit

Please bring your own towel and bathing suit. If you are in need of a towel, we do rent basic white ones and have a nicer option for purchase. We do not sell bathing suits. You might try local businesses like Headwall Sports, Teton Mountaineering or Skinny Skis in Jackson if you would like to buy one. There is also an REI, Target and TJ Maxx in town.


The walking paths are half paved and half dirt/gravel. Please bring flip-flops or some kind of shoe for walking between pools.


You are welcome to bring your own outside food, but no food is allowed within ten (10) feet of the pools. Please use the tables and chairs to enjoy your refreshments. Tables and chairs are limited in the colder months.

We do sell light snacks and beverages at the Snack Shack along with a selection of retail items including hats, tees, hoodies and water bottles.

Refillable Water Bottle

There is a filling station in the Welcome Center, so we encourage you to bring your own water bottles. Hydration is important.

Outside alcohol is prohibited.

Please do not put Astoria staff in the position to ask you to leave because you brought your own alcohol. You are welcome to bring your own non-alcoholic beverages, but no glass (bottles or serving dishes) is allowed on site. We do sell craft and domestic beer and hard seltzers. We also have light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages for sale at the Snack Shack.