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Astoria’s Cold Plunge is Open!

Astoria Park Conservancy is excited to announce that the much anticipated Cold Plunge is opening to visitors on Friday, November 25th! The Cold Plunge will be Astoria’s 6th pool– providing a counter experience to the surrounding hot mineral pools, and enhancing the wellness benefits of Astoria’s space. 

The Cold Plunge comes to the nonprofit-run facility as the result of wide community feedback, along with a grassroots fundraising effort, where nearly 100 residents came together to raise $40,000 for the installation of the new pool. 

Astoria’s Cold Plunge sits at right around 53 degrees, giving visitors brave enough to take the plunge a plethora of health benefits. In particular, alternating between hot and short cold soaks have been found to increase circulation, reduce inflammation in muscles, and assist the body in healing damaged tissue. Plus, visitors may notice an elevated heart rate, adrenaline, and the release of endorphins, which could ease pain and lighten mood. 

Cold immersion does not come without its risks. To learn more about these risks, the Conservancy recommends consulting with your physician to learn if the Cold Plunge is the right experience for you. 

Astoria Park Conservancy is a nonprofit with a mission to connect the community through inspiring experiences in nature that improve livability, health and wellbeing– and they are thrilled the Cold Plunge will be elevating this work. 

Winter sessions at Astoria can fill up quickly, so book your soak today at!