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Explore the Hot Springs

Leisure Pool

The Leisure Pool is the largest of the five pools here at Astoria. Approximately the same size as the former Astoria pool, the Leisure Pool is designed to allow for families, friends and groups to soak together.

Children's Pool

Perfect for the little ones, the Children’s Pool is approximately two feet at its deepest point and lower in temperature than the other pools, to accommodate small children.

Meadow Pool

This is one of the three hot soaking pools at Astoria. This pool is ADA accessible and can be used for water therapy. It’s in the same area as the Children’s and Leisure Pools.

River Soaking Pools

The River Soaking Pools area includes the Waterfall Pool and River Pool. This area will be available for private event rental.

The Waterfall Pool provides a quiet and reflective area, with native plants offering a secluded experience for soaking. This pool offers a water source that will hit shoulders and necks to alleviate tension and stress and is named in loving memory of conservationist Luke Lynch.

The River Pool, named in loving memory of Liza Benson, is set right above the Snake River, and will offer expansive views of the river, seclusion from the rest of the pools, and hotter water for adults to soak.

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