Community Events

Astoria Park Conservancy is proud to present community events that support our mission to connect our community through inspiring experiences in nature that improve livability, health, and wellbeing.

Morning Meditation Soak

Morning Meditation Soak Register Today Join Astoria Park Conservancy and Rooted Mind for monthly morning meditations within the soaking pools at Astoria. This month Rooted Mind will focus on mindfulness...


River pool rental

Private river pool rental today! This session is open to the public to enjoy 5 pools. The river pool will be closed due to a private event.   For questions...

Private Hot Springs Buyout

A private buyout is happening today. This is a private event and the hot springs will be closed to the public for this session time.   Please contact the welcome...


Intro to the Cold Plunge

Intro to the Cold Plunge with Medicine Wheel Wellness  Register Today Enjoy a hot springs soak while you learn about the benefits of integrating the Cold Plunge into your healing...


Picnic Pavilion Rental

Private Picnic Pavilion rental today! All pools are open to the public but a private event will be taking place under our picnic pavilion in the hot springs.

Event FAQs

Indoor COVID protocols

We recommend wearing masks when social distancing is not possible.

What to expect if my program includes a soak

There are changing rooms you are welcome to use to transition into your soaking attire.

Soaking FAQs
General property rules

No dogs are allowed anywhere on our premises, including the parking lot and grounds on this side of the red bridge. This is a requirement of Teton County, as Astoria is located in a wildlife corridor.